Verse 1

There’s nothing like my baby’s touch

It’s more than enough

to take me out of my head

I love my current state of mind

You’re such a beautiful sight

One I can’t forget, can’t forget

‘cause you know…



You’re dangerous, dangerous

I’m not myself when I know it’s just the

two of us, two of us

I love you just the way you are, but

it’s a plus, it’s a plus

The way you look tonight

You’re just so marvelous, gorgeous

You’re dangerous, dangerous


Verse 2

Love never goes according to plan

It’s always out of my hands

I end up a broken man, broken man

I’ve given all I can

To you my heart’s a sin

But I can’t help but adore you

And you know...


Repeat Chorus



And I love and I love and I love the way you make me feel baby

Cause there's nothing in this entire world that you wouldn't do for me

Yeah, I love you, I wanna spend all of the rest of my days with you

The rest of my nights with you


It's dangerous, dangerous

The way you make me feel, make me feel

Every limit and boundary

Somehow you make them all disappear

You give me power and bravery

Fill me up with everything I need

Baby you are my one and only

You know you're dangerous


Repeat Chorus