Rush Album Cover Artwork.jpg

RUSH (Album Sampler)

by Omar Afuni

Tracks from Omar's new album 'RUSH'.




Omar Afuni is a singer/songwriter who first found success on YouTube in 2010 doing covers of some of his favorite artists' hits. His mash-ups and medleys were featured on many music blogs such as Loft965.com and LA's KROQ 106.7 FM, they have also caught the attention of celebrities such as Stefano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana, songwriter/producer Linda Perry from 4 Non Blondes who wrote Christina Aguilera's hit 'Beautiful', and indie R&B recording artist Travis Garland.

Since then, Omar has released two albums independently titled 'Resurrected' & 'Soundproof' that were completely written and produced by Omar himself. The albums were given away to his fans for free on his website at the time; 'Resurrected' was downloaded over 35,000 times. Omar's music can now be found at all online digital music stores such as iTunes & Google Play, and music streaming services such as Apple Music & Spotify.

In 2015, Omar was one of the opening acts for international artist Akon's first concert in Stockholm, Sweden

Omar released his third solo album 'RUSH' internationally on October 7th, 2016 led by the title track and heartfelt ballad 'PERFECT'. The album was selected by iTunes' editors to be featured under the 'New Music' tab on iTunes USA and was one of the best-selling Pop releases in the week of its release.


"This already feels like a Greatest Hits album. If it was Omar's goal to bring back the core essence and architecture of enduring Pop back to the masses, he has more than succeeded" - MyFizzyPop (Pop music blog)

"It may have been 3 years since the release of his previous album 'Soundproof', but one single listen and I'm back on board with his soulful Pop music - a melting pot of different influences, but always led by his warm and powerful beautiful voice." - RV Pop Music Reviews (Pop music blog)