Lose Control


Verse 1

I saw you in the crowd baby

My eyes locked to you

I felt my nerves unravel

In a way I never knew


You caught me by surprise

You're like my heart's debut

I can't control my feelings

I don't know what to do





You make me lose control

(You know you do, you really) make me

Lose control

(Making me lose control baby)

You make me lose control

You know you do, you really make me

Lose control


Verse 2


You play me the way a kid plays

An 8-bit game

My heart is your joystick, you move me

In every which way

I trust you with my love

You can have it any day

You're one in a million baby

I can't even say how much...


Repeat Chorus




It’s unbelievable how I just crumble

Looking at you, thinking of you

I wanna have another bite of the apple

I don't ever wanna lose this feeling

I don't ever wanna lose this feeling

With you, I've found something special

A fantasy ride that's so magical

Don't wake me up from this, I wanna keep on dreaming


You make me... Lose... Control (x2)


Repeat Chorus