Verse 1

I may not be your type

I may not make enough for two

I may be the furthest thing from your fantasy

But my love for you is ripe

I’ve thought this moment through

A thousand times, again and again

I’m not sure how to put down in words

how hard it’s been to pretend


Pre-Chorus 1

Not to care and hide I'm conflicted

‘cause to you I'm not even a candidate



See, I’m not perfect but I’m worth it

I may not be the man you saw in your dreams

And I may not fit all your requirements

See, I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for you


Verse 2

In my heart of hearts

I know deep down that you're the one

I wish there was a way to prove to you

That my love is second to none


Pre-Chorus 2

I don't have much to offer but my heart

So please don't tear it apart


Repeat Chorus



I don’t care if it’s a long shot

I know I gotta try

'cause it can’t hurt any more than this

I’m losing myself, so I need to open up

I gotta let you know

It’s gotta be worth the risk


Repeat Chorus