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As an independent musician who’s been pursuing a music career for the past 10 years, I have experienced so much. There’s a lot that I had to learn the hard way - and some lessons cannot be learned except the hard way. However, I could have avoided certain situations or looked elsewhere had I had some guidance when I first started out.

I was born and raised in Kuwait (the Middle East) and I’ve always wanted to be a pop star. When I was a kid, I had posters of some of my favorite artists hanging on my walls and I’d always look up and think “that will be me one day”. At the time in the late 90’s, there weren’t any Middle Eastern artists who sang in English who aimed for international stardom. I didn’t have a role model who I could look up to and think “If he/she did it, then so could I!” so I decided to be that very example of an Arab pop star with international aspirations.

I started my journey in 2007 when I was in university. Fast forward 10 years, I have released 3 albums (the latest of which was a best seller on the iTunes Pop Charts), performed abroad at concerts and festivals alongside international artists like Akon, Calvin Harris, and the Backstreet Boys, received praise from celebrities such as Stefano Gabbana, Linda Perry & Travis Garland, and most importantly, developed some of the best friendships with people who I never would have met had I not pursued the music career that everyone I knew told me was an impossible dream and a complete waste of time and resources.

With this podcast, I want to share my experience as an independent musician, give valuable insights to aspiring musicians, let music fans know what goes into the making of the music they listen to, and most importantly, share little bits of magic and inspiration with every episode to lift your spirit and motivate you to steer your journey in life towards a direction that leads to a place of contentment & gratitude - notice I didn’t say happiness, because happiness is temporary, but contentment & gratitude are permanent, and so rewarding.

I am a complete BELIEVER and this podcast is for everyone who’s been told “that’s not possible, you’re not good enough, you can’t do that, it’s too late” - which is probably every single one of us. I am here to tell you that it is, in fact, possible. That you are good enough. That you can do that and more. That it’s never too late. So, if you haven’t given up hope, then what are you waiting for? JUST HIT PLAY!