This Can't Be Love


Verse 1

I know you're the one to blame

No matter what you say things will remain the same

Your lies tell me you haven't changed

I chose to believe that one day you would see the mess you made


Pre-Chorus 1

Tell me was it worth it?

Of course you won't admit

That you're far from perfect

Will you now?

Never thought this would be

The way you would treat me

Is this your way of showing me love?



This can't be love, no no

I know this ain't love, no no

This can't be love, no no

I know this ain't love, no no


Verse 2

Go on, tell everyone how I was selfish and ungrateful like you’re dignified

Did you happen to mention how you chewed me up and spat me out so high and dry?


Pre-Chorus 2

Wake me from this nightmare

Most nights I don’t dare to close my eyes

in fear of seeing you there

What once was an answered prayer

is now a monster that hurts me

and tells me it still cares


Repeat Chorus



You’ve got it all wrong

and your convictions are strong enough

to make you blind to see

Your heart doesn’t beat

You breathe, but you don’t feel

You’ll never be able to see what’s real

This can’t be love


Repeat Chorus