Time To Go


Verse 1

It’s time to turn the lights out

It’s time to turn the page now

It’s time to put an end to this

‘cause you’re always so damn loud

Always something to complain about

You don’t know what you’re about to miss


Pre-Chorus 1

Let me tell you now

I’m tired of all the fights

The long days, the sleepless nights

You’re just like a broken record

You go on and on and on



I’d be lying if I said I don’t love you

‘cause it’s why I won’t leave you hanging on the line now

I don’t have the heart to go

Woah, woah

but it’s time to go


Verse 2

I tried to convince myself to stay

You won’t try to even reciprocate

Even if you did right now, it’s too late

You never treated me the way that I deserve

When you knew exactly how much I was worth

I guess you’ll have to do without me now


Pre-Chorus 2

Let me tell you now

It’s no mystery, we’re almost history

but history keeps repeating

itself on and on and on


Repeat Chorus



How many times have I tried to get through to you?

You think you’re so high above that you never lose

What are you trying to prove?


Repeat Pre-Chorus 1 and Chorus